Recipe Generator

Our mission at Project Groceries is to create tools that save home economics teachers' time and make their job easier. Today we are introducing a new tool that we hope you will find useful: Recipe Generator.

What is Recipe Generator?

While the name doesn't leave much to the imagination, it's worth exploring what we hope to achieve with this program. There are many situations in which you would need to find a recipe idea based on some criteria, and it can be surprisingly difficult to find a recipe.

This program's aims to provide you with a better alternative. With a simple search query you can find recipes based on a theme, dish, ingredient, nutritional requirement, or something else. It is convenient, saves time, fosters experimentation, and gives you novel recipe ideas.

Help Us Help You

The website is still experimental at the moment and can sometimes produce strange results, that's why we need your help. We ask that you please rate the generated recipes when you use the program to help us understand the quality of the results. If you want to suggest further improvements, you can reach us from

Due to the experimental nature of this program, it is currently a standalone website. If all goes well, we will be integrating it into Project Groceries.

If you haven't yet played around with the Recipe Generator you can start here. We are so excited to introduce you to it and to hear what you think!

Liam and Hemedi